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Pediatric bracing is a specialty at ORD, we service local special needs schools as well as area high schools and universities.  We differentiate adults from pediatrics, because not all bracing is the same.  We evaluate a child's gait, function and daily activities to provide the best custom bracing around. We treat Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Scoliosis, & Muscular Dystrophy just to name a few. Zsolt Zentai, CO has worked with pediatrics for years in Childrens Specialized Hospital and with some of the top pediatric doctors in the state.
Partial Foot AFO
Kiddie Gait
Static KAFO's
Soft Spinal Orthosis
Soft Spinal Orthosis
Soft AFO
Wrist Hand Orthosis
Hybrid AFO
ROM Elbow Orthosis
Hybrid SMO
We specialize in knee bracing for all activity levels.  Whether you are post-surgery, arthritic, or just looking for some knee support, we will evaluate you for the best possible knee brace.  We carry many major manufacturers from Breg, American Medical, VQ Orthocare, Ossur or custom Townsend.  Whether your a high level athlete or just looking to go that extra mile, we will find the right knee brace for you.

Along with knee bracing, ORD orthotists treat a variety of ailments. Post operative spinal surgery, disc degeneration / herniation, chronic low back pain, scoliosis, shoulder injuries, arthritis, and foot / ankle injuries are common ailments that we see on a daily basis.  Our team of professionals will treat you with the proper brace in order to get you back to comfortable living.  We work closely with trusted company reps to familiarize both you and our staff with the newest braces on the market. Our product knowledge is unsurpassed and we strive to keep ahead of the competition.