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Shrewsbury, NJ 07702
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Orthopedic Rehab Design was founded in 2009 by Zsolt A. Zentai.  Zsolt is a NJ licensed and American Board Certified (ABC) Orthotist who graduated the Northwestern University Medical Program in Orthotics in 2002.  He completed his residency in a pediatric clinic and then advanced into sports medicine, only to open ORD in 2009.  Zsolt spent 5 years working at Children's-Specialized Hospital's in NJ and has treated a variety of patients, from Hall of Fame Athletes to 6 week old infants, and he continues to push forward with new concepts in bracing. 

Zsolt's certifications include:
Advanced Gait Biomechanics
AORN Operating Room Certified
Kiddie Gait / Toe-Off 
- Dynamic AFO 
Walk-aide - neuro-electronic stimulation for drop foot
  Scoliosis bracing
Infant cranial facial remolding

Dynamic Re-Alignment Orthosis-DRO Lycra

ORD was founded on the principle of providing the best patient care, using the latest technology and best brands to exceed patient expectations. Zsolt Zentai's "outside the box" thinking has earned him a loyal patient and doctor following.