Rehab Design


655 Shrewsbury Ave
Suite 202
Shrewsbury, NJ 07702
Fax: 732-380-7400

Our Mission...
to design and provide patients with
innovative Orthotic and Prosthetic
devices that exceed expectations.
Orthopedic Rehab Design was built behind the idea of providing the best quality braces and prosthetic limbs to get patients back to the quality of life they deserve. We are here to serve patients of all needs, from the disabled to competitive athletes.  Our team of experienced Orthotists, Prosthetists and Orthotic Fitters specialize in both custom and non-custom bracing as well as prosthetic devices. Our office is a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where the patient can feel comfortable knowing that highly trained professionals are meeting their every need.  Our staff strives to exceed all expectations to make your visit an enjoyable experience.